VIDEO: Maddow Emotionally Distraught During Post-Acquittal Schiff Interview

An extremely emotional Rachel Maddow appeared distraught while interviewing Adam Schiff post-Trump acquittal.

Rachel Maddow:

Now, is congressman Adam Schiff, who led the House Managers in the impeachment trial. He’s chair of the intelligence committee, thank you so much for taking time tonight, I imagine what you mostly want to do is take a nap and do something restorative. 

Adam Schiff:

Yes, pretty much.

Rachel Maddow:

It has been a marathon for you and your fellow House managers. 

I think particularly for you, you’ve shouldered so much of the live, on your feet argument in the trial. Uh, I imagine that you’re not too close to it to have some top line thoughts, some big picture thoughts on what you’ve just been through and how well you did.


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