VIDEO: “Latinos for Trump” Leader Tells CNN He Doesn’t Think Trump is Racist

CNN profiled “Latinos for Trump” while frequently interjecting into their reporting the idea that President Trump is racist.

However, Latinos for Trump leader Ray Baca refused to buy into the narrative, telling the CNN reporter “I really don’t think he’s said things that are racist.”

BACA: I look at President Trump as the one who most closely represents my values.

VALENCIA (on camera): People will hear that and say, values? You know, what values does the president have?

So, when you say that, what do you mean?

BACA: I mean supporting things that I support, like being against abortion, being for limited government involvement, being for border security.

VALENCIA (voice-over): Indeed, support for Trump in Texas among Latinos has remained steady at 30 percent, according to a recent CNN poll.

The unwavering support comes in the face of criticism over the president’s rhetoric on the Latino community, which his critics, at best, see as offensive and, at worst, racist.

VALENCIA (on camera): How can you still support somebody who they see as saying racist things against the Latino community?

BACA: I disagree. I really don’t think he’s said things that are racist.