VIDEO: Kirstjen Nielsen Defends Migrant Family Separations “I Don’t Regret Enforcing The Law”

Attending Fortune’s Powerful Women Summit, an event which multiple liberal women boycotted due to her appearance, former Homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stood her ground and refused to be talked into having any regrets for enforcing the White House border policy.

Nielsen’s attendance has been wrapped in controversy and outrage from the left.

Former Democrat candidate Pam Keith wrote “@FortuneMagazine Your decision to give a platform to Kirsten Nielsen defies all logic and common decency.”

Huffpost reports Kirstjen Nielsen defended her legacy of carrying out President Donald Trump’s policy of separating migrant families as his homeland security secretary Tuesday, saying she was simply following the law.

“I don’t regret enforcing the law,” said Nielsen at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. The moderator, PBS journalist Amna Nawaz, repeatedly questioned Nielsen on whether she regretted signing off on a memo that authorized the routine separation of migrant children from their families so that their parents could be detained.

Nielsen’s appearance was wrapped in controversy. Activists had been pressuring Fortune to rescind its invitation to Trump’s former homeland security secretary, who resigned in April. Three women who had been scheduled to speak at the summit ― filmmaker dream hampton, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and singer Brandi Carlile ― withdrew from the event because of Nielsen’s participation.

Clifton Leaf, Fortune’s editor-in-chief, acknowledged the controversy Tuesday in remarks introducing the session, saying that while he understood the criticism, “part of Fortune’s mission is to provide a platform for these discussions” and he promised “tough” questions.

“These issues are so important that we really need more voices. And we need to be additive and try to find a way to come together, and not work on taking people apart,” Nielsen said, justifying why she deserved to be at the gathering.

Nawaz did repeatedly challenge Nielsen’s claims, such as the former official’s insistence that the Trump administration’s policy was really just following the law and not a break from what previous administrations had done.

“Under previous administrations, they also enforced this exact law,” Nielsen claimed. “What is different is the numbers of people have greatly increased over the last few years.”


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