VIDEO: Joy Behar Thinks Warren Should Drop Out Because Biden is More Electable

Despite the fact she’s leading Iowa polls and Prediction markets, Joy Behar believes Elizabeth Warren should simply “get out” of the race because Biden is more electable.

While expressing her disdain for Trump, Behar asks.

“Who is gonna get him out? And the answer is, at the moment Joe Biden.

All the rest of these people are really just treading water as far as I’m concerned.”

Asked by Abby Huntsman “Do You Think Elizabeth Warren should get out?”

Behar says emphatically “YES. I do.”


From Decider

Behar noted that Biden is “beating Trump narrowly” in some states, including Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, so that’s a good sign. “Just look at the black community,” said the longtime View co-host. “Black men in particular, and probably the women, are backing Joe Biden. And if there’s one thing the black community knows and believe in, it’s winning and beating Trump.” She added that black voters are “looking at the prize” of beating the president, particularly because “he’s killing people of color, he’s killing immigrants, he’s killing the environment, he’s killing the rule of law.”

“Who is gonna get him out?” continued Behar. “And the answer is, at the moment, Joe Biden. All the rest of these people are just really treading water, as far as I’m concerned.” The polls would suggest otherwise: according to Morning Consult/Politico‘s latest Democratic Primary poll (published Monday, November 4), Biden is in the lead with 32% of the vote, but Warren and Bernie Sanders are close behind with 20%. Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris round out the top five candidates with 7% and 5%, respectively.

Huntsman followed up, asking, “Do you think Elizabeth Warren should get out?” Behar made her point clear with a simple, “Yes.” Huntsman was visibly surprised, and she asked again if Behar thinks Warren should drop out. “I do,” replied Behar.

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