VIDEO: Joy Behar Calls Tulsi Gabbard a “Useful Idiot” to the Russians like Trump

During a somewhat surreal segment of “The View” Joy Behar and Co-Host Sunny Hostin blasted Tulsi Gabbard as nothing more than a “useful idiot” to the Russians “like Trump.”

Behar and Hostin also appeared to blame her for not denying she’s a “Russian asset” directly.


The social media reaction was intense.

One Twitter user wrote:

Unbelievable take from a bunch of “know nothing”, “done nothing”, “hate mongering”, cannot believe you all have a daily forum: ‘The View’ Doubles Down on Hillary Clinton’s Tulsi Claim: She’s a ‘Useful Idiot’

Jacques wrote “It’s rich the women of The View calling Tulsi a “useful idiot” when they read smears and corporate talking points off notecards all day. Tulsi is apparently scheduled to appear on the show in a few weeks and I predict she will put Sunny and Joy in their place in a major way.”

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