VIDEO: Joy Behar and Ana Navarro Claim Biden’s Viral Confrontation Helps Him

Anti-Trump hosts of the view Joy Behar and Ana Navarro argued that Biden’s viral confrontation with an Iowa voter that was considered an absolute train wreck by many, actually helps him.

Behar spun the event as “Joe Biden showed he can take the gloves off.”

Ana Navarro went further and said “I loved it. I really did. I’ve known Joe Biden for a long time and this is Joe Biden and he is scrappin Joe Biden from Scranton. He’s going to need to be able to do this.


One thing all the “View” hosts did agree on is he is going to need to be able to answer the questions about Hunter Biden he has effectively been dodging.

The top 5 comments at this time on the View’s YouTube channel video are not at all in agreement with Behar and Navarro on Biden’s encounter.

For a complete “opposite world” take on Biden’s encounter, watch how Sean Hannity described Biden’s “unhinged rant.”

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