VIDEO: Jordan, Nunes, Meadows Argue Dem Impeachment Effort Will Backfire on Them

RCP reports reps. Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan told FNC’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday that the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump “an obstruction trap to try to hold this president on impeachable offenses.”

Nunes warned that the House Intelligence Committee was launching “Russia hoax 2.0” and would selectively leak information to the media.

Jordan agreed, saying Democrats were putting “the most biased chairman in Congress” (Rep. Adam Schiff of the Intel Committee) in charge of the effort.

“They are doing all of this right now because there is a pile of evidence that is about to be unleashed on them from the Inspector General and John Durham which will debunk all of the Adam Schiff testimony of the last two years,” Meadows said.