VIDEO: Jane Fonda Arrested for the 5th Time Protesting for the Climate

Actress and activist Jane Fonda continues to get arrested for protesting in the name of climate.

However, the defiant Hollywood icon, who was partially inspired by Greta Thunberg remains defiant and has vowed to continue.

Per the Hollywood Reporter Jane Fonda is back in cuffs, after being arrested for a fifth time Friday in Washington, D.C., while protesting among climate change activists.

On what’s been dubbed Fire Drill Fridays, Fonda has been protesting every week since October, many times with other famous faces in her efforts to combat climate change and bring more attention to the anti-fossil fuels movement. Video of Fonda’s most recent arrest was posted on social media. She is shown cuffed, clearly enjoying the moment.

The actress, who will turn 82 on Saturday, has avoided arrest in past weeks as she was accumulating so many run-ins with the law that she would be facing lengthier jail stints.

A political activist for decades, Fonda has made it clear she intends to get arrested as many times as it takes to get her point across.

“I will be on the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created,” Fonda previously wrote on her own website.

D.C. authorities previously confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Fonda would not be charged for her prior arrests. It is unclear if she will be charged now. She did spend one night in jail following one of those initial arrests.