VIDEO: House Dem Brutally Heckled While Explaining Why She’s Voting for Impeachment

Anti-Impeachment protesters erupted at Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s town hall at Oakland University in Rochester, MI no December 16th.

Throughout Slotkin’s speech explaining her rationale for supporting impeaching President Trump, protesters heckled and yelled “that’s a lie!”

Per Freep, On Tuesday morning, Trump’s deputy press secretary, Steven Groves, put out a statement criticizing Slotkin, who represents a congressional district Trump won in 2016.

“Michiganders deserve a leader who puts their needs ahead of hyper-partisan politics, but Rep. Elissa Slotkin sold out her constituents for (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi’s sham impeachment process,” Groves said.


MSNBC spoke to a Michigan voter who will not be voting for Slotkin because of her decision.

Ken Quint:

I wanted to hear her login on why she’s going for it. I think it’s wrong. I think the articles of impeachment, unfortunately don’t delineate a crime and I think Congress is wasting a lot of their time and our time.

MSNBC Reporter:

Would you consider voting for her after this? or does this seal the deal for you?

Ken Quint:

I think this in gonna seal the deal. I think I will not vote for her.


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