VIDEO: Highlights from Trump’s Packed Milwaukee, Wisconsin Rally

Moments ago, President Trump’s rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin concluded.

Wisconsins was considered a safe blue state prior to the 2016 election but Trump shocked Hillary Clinton by winning the state she chose to skip visiting.

CBS reports President Trump touted the strike on Iran’s Qassem Soleimani and bashed Democratic candidates at a rally Tuesday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the Democratic presidential candidates took the stage for the seventh debate. The rally also came as the Senate readies itself for Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial, which is expected to begin on Tuesday, January 21.

After reminiscing about his 2016 win in the Badger State, and rattling off what he considers to be some of his greatest accomplishments on trade and jobs, the president launched into the story of the death of Soleimani. Soleimani’s death has been seamlessly rolled into the president’s campaign material.

“At my direction, the United States military launched a flawless precision strike that killed the world’s number one terrorist, number one terrorist,” the president told his enthusiastic audience. “You know who that is? Qassem Soleimani, number one terrorist in the world.”