VIDEO: Harvard-Yale Football Game Delayed Due to On-Field Climate Protest

The Harvard-Yale football game has been delayed due to a on-field climate protest.

Climate protesters rushed the stage and carried a sign that says “NOBODY WINS! YALE AND HARVARD ARE COMPLICIT IN CLIMATE INJUSTICE!” during half time.

Here is a video of the moment activists rushed onto the field.


Per Yahoo, the groups, which have the support of some students, alumni and faculty, want the schools to divest their endowments from fossil fuel companies. One of the banners displayed at the protest said, “Nobody wins: Yale & Harvard are complicit in climate injustice.”

The protest lasted approximately 40 minutes before the field was cleared at about 2:40 p.m. ET and football resumed after that.

Per an ESPN sideline report, deans from both schools talked to the protesters on the field after the protest began. The game kicked off at noon and was televised on ESPNU, which cut back and forth between updates on the protest and a simulcast of the Oklahoma State-West Virginia game on ESPN2 as the protest happened.

The movement to divest Harvard’s endowment from fossil fuel holdings started earlier in the decade. The prestigious Ivy League schools have two of the biggest university endowments in the country and their football game is one of the most historic rivalries in the country. That’s why it was such a prime spot for a climate change protest to take place.

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