VIDEO: Gowdy Doubts Dems Can Persuade a Single GOP Senator on Impeachment Trial

Appearing on Fox News, former congressman Trey Gowdy said he believes if the impeachment trial were held today “the president would win. And I don’t think he’d lose a single Republican senator and he might pick up one Democrat.”

Gowdy suggested Republicans get the trial over with without witnesses since they have the numbers, saying “if you have the jury and you know how they’re going to know how they’re going to rule, go ahead and get it over with. And then the president can say whatever he wants to after the trial is over.”

Gowdy also revealed he believes Pelosi’s stalling tactic is about putting GOP Senators in swing districts in “tight spots” which she thinks might help Democrats take back the Senate in 2020.

“This is about putting a handful of Republican senators in tight spots in November, Cory Gardner and Thom Tillis and Susan Collins and Martha McSally. Put them in tight spots, make them cast difficult votes.”


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