VIDEO: GOP Senator Says Trump is Not a Youth Role Model and He Doesn’t Like Trump’s Tweets

Oklahoma GOP Senator James Lankford revealed during an interview on “Face the Nation” that he doesn’t see President Trump as a role model for youth and he doesn’t like the way Trump tweets.

Margaret Brennan:

During the Clinton impeachment, we often heard from Republicans that criticism and the call for an American president to be a moral leader. And we heard about moral failings. These days you will quietly hear criticism of the president from Republicans, but you don’t hear that loud criticism in the way we did 20 years ago. What has changed?”

Senator Lankford:

I’m not sure if anything has changed. There’s still this ongoing conversation about policy and about responsible leadership and about role models.

I don’t think that President Trump as a person is a role model for a lot of different youth, that’s just me personally. I don’t like the way that he tweets, some of the things that he says, his word choices at times are not my word choices.

I’ll tell you that praying for the president is probably one of the greatest spiritual challenges I’ve had to work through in my life.


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