VIDEO: Gaetz Reveals He’d Like to Call Hunter Biden to be a Witness for House Judiciary Hearings

Appearing on “The Story” with Ed Henry, Rep. Gaetz revealed how he would like to call Hunter Biden to be a top witness.

Rep. Matt Gaetz:

We would like to call minority witnesses and here’s why Ed, if we can prove that the President’s questions about Hunter Biden, about Burisma were legitimate, that they were well founded in what our diplomatic core and what other professionals believe then it can’t possibly be this shakedown that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are spewing to the American people and so that’s why getting that exculpatory evidence into the record is so important.

Hunter Biden would be probably one of our top witnesses. I think the whistleblower would be a witness,” Gaetz said. “And I think that others who can expound on the testimony of George Kent that reflect on the concerns with Burisma and the ingrained corruption with that company.


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