VIDEO: Fire at Florida Airport, Thousands of Rental Cars Damaged or Destroyed

Over 3,500 rental cars were destroyed by fire near Fort Myers Southwest Florida Int’l Airport. Charlotte County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit completed over 80 water drops.


News Press reports a fire that burned for hours in a grassy area next to Southwest Florida International Airport Friday has been contained.

The airport is fully functional and the inbound lanes of Terminal Access Road reopened at 11 p.m. Friday, according to Vicki Moreland, communications director for the airport.

The fire was in an area where extra rental cars are parked and were not occupied. Witnesses saw and heard multiple small explosions, flames jumping high in the air and showers of sparks.

There were 3,516 cars destroyed or damaged by the fire and 3,850 remained undamaged, Moreland said.

The cause of the fire is being investigated by the State Fire Marshal, she said.

Saturday morning, the Forest Service returned to the scene to make sure the fire did not pick back up last night or this morning, according to Melinda Avni, Forest Service mitigation specialist.