VIDEO: Ex-Wife of Texas Gunman Speaks Out “We knew he was crazy but not like this”

New reports reveal Keith Thomas Kinnunen, the man who killed two before being shot down by church officials, was given food by church officials several times but became angry when they refused to give him money.

NBC 5 sat down with one of Kinnunen’s ex-wives, Angela Holloway, on Monday night. Holloway said, “We knew he was crazy but not like this. I don’t wish this on anybody. I feel sorry for the victims. I really do.”

The two divorced in 2010 after being married for eight years. She told the AP Kinnunen got “more and more” into drugs and “it messed with his head.” She said said she hadn’t spoken to Kinnunen in years and learned from news reports that he was the church attacker. She said she and Kinnunen used to attend church together and that there were times he appeared to be off drugs, but that he was frightening by the end of their six-year marriage.

“Mentally, I know he was mentally ill,” she told NBC 5. “The last time he spoke to us he just wasn’t in his right mind. I didn’t know how to go about talking to him about it.”

Holloway said she doesn’t know whether Kinnunen was ever diagnosed with a mental illness and that she wasn’t sure if he could legally have guns, but that he consistently did.

“I don’t know how he got them, I just know that he did have them,” she said.


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