VIDEO: Ex-Dem Lawmaker Blasts Both Articles of Impeachment as “Very Weak”

While appearing on Fox News, Jeff Van Drew, who switched from being a Democrat to a Republican called both articles of impeachment very weak.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew:

The house had its time. They have spent months and months and months of reports of investigations, millions upon millions of dollars.

And we finally, the house came up with two articles of impeachment, both of which are very weak. You know, I will say this, and I will say it over and over again because I think people must understand how important it is.

Impeachment is a tool that is not meant to be used anywhere near a regular basis.

Our founding fathers almost disliked it. It was said even by the Tocqueville, who was a famous French man who loved America, that when impeachment was used too often, that it was a sign of the degeneration of the country and the breakdown the United States of America and you can’t have political impeachments.


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