VIDEO: “Enraged” PA Voters Say Impeachment Makes Their Trump Support “Stronger”

MSNBC found Trump supporters they interviewed in Hershey, PA enraged over impeachment.

The first woman interviewed in the segment wearing a “MAGA” hat says “They’ve been digging at this even before he was elected so I think they’re just grabbing for straws that aren’t there.”

The second woman interviewed says “You can tell how upset I am. I’m telling you right now there are people out here who are so enraged. We are so fed up and so of course we’re going to be stronger even coming back to vote for President Trump again.

AZ Central reports a

The president earned his support in 2016 because he reminded him of former President Ronald Reagan, he said.

”It’s the whole idea that government is the problem, not the solution,” Kircher said.

Robert Plank, a federal worker from Lancaster County, was also attending his first Trump rally. He said he has supported the president since 2016 because of his immigration policies.

”I’d like to see border security increased,” Plank said.

His support for the president wasn’t changed by the recent impeachment process.

“Congress has to do their job, but I don’t think the impeachment is based on any real evidence. The Constitution is open to interpretation,” Plank said.

The Trump rally and Trump teddy bear she was holding was an early Christmas present forElaine Hawkins. She and Wayne Holland traveled from Delaware to support the president. The impeachment has only increased their support, they said.

”It’s a farce,” Holland said. “There’s no foundation for the impeachment. They’ve been on his case since he was elected, and they never give up.”

Hawkins said she was a Democrat her entire life, but she voted Republican in 2016 because of Trump.

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