Video Emerges of FL Muslim Running for Office Saying “America Run on Hate”

Backlash erupted after an ant-American video of a Pakistani immigrant who is running for a house seat in Florida was uncovered.

The Sentinel reported that four years ago, Imtiaz Ahmad Mohammad became a U.S. citizen.

Now, he’s knocking on doors, putting up posters and seeking to become the first Muslim elected to the Florida House of Representatives. He’s one of three Democratic Muslim candidates who will be on the ballot in Broward County.

“We do not have a presence in the political arena,” said Mohammad, 52. “My goal in running is to give people a wake-up call that we can run for office. I felt so blessed when I saw my name on the ballot.”

Saima Farooqui, a 42-year-old Coconut Creek resident, is also running for state House. Altaf Ahmed, 50, is vying for a seat on the Broward County Commission.

However, this video, where Ahmad says American is “run on hate,” and the American people are the most “uneducated,” has caused controversy.

Watch the video: