VIDEO: Don Lemon rips Republicans and “empty calls for unity” in emotional rant

During a emotional rant, CNN host Don Lemon mocked the concept of “unity” with Republicans.

“The former president’s attempt to steal an election that he lost to Joe Biden,” Lemon said “He lost fair and square. Lost it. Look at that. Lest we forget. And they can’t sweep the insurrection under the rug.”

“Homeland security today issuing a threat bulletin warning about the potential for more violence, more violence from extremists, emboldened by what they see as the success of the attack just three weeks ago,” he continued “and the fact is if no one is held accountable on a big picture level, the former president, Congress people who supported his big lie, Fox News, right-wing media, if they all get off scot-free, then why wouldn’t they see it that way? There are no consequences.”

“Yet almost every single Republican senator, almost every single one of them, 45 of them, voted against holding the former president accountable. And now they have the nerve to put out empty calls for unity? OK. What about not trying to take the votes away from millions and millions and millions of Americans? Especially the ones in African-American strongholds. How about that? How about saying that the election was fair and square when every piece of evidence shows that?” Lemon asked.

“But exactly who are we supposed to unify with? That is the central question. Think about that,” Lemon added “Who are we supposed to unify with? Think about that. The Republicans who supported and enabled all of this? And now won’t hold anyone accountable?”