VIDEO: Don Lemon Accuses Trump and GOP of “Gaslighting” Americans

During his show, CNN Host Don Lemon accused Trump and Republicans of gaslighting Americans about the impeaching hearings.

Lemon pointed specifically to Matt Gaetz and Rep. Nadler’s exchange and accused Gaetz of attention-seeking behavior  “He likes the attention doesn’t he?. So obvious. That sad display ― and that’s what it is, a sad display― is what you do when you don’t have the facts on your side.”

Not everyone on social media agreed with Lemon.

John Winfield wrote “CNN should know all about gaslighting.”

David wrote “Oh interesting, when all of the Democrats pulled their stunt during the Cavanagh (sic) hearings they were not gaslighting? You are such a freaking hypocrite!”

Jacob Good wrote “Lemon is nothing but a race baiter and CNN is not any better than the the old News of the World newspapers you could buy at the grocery store!”

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