VIDEO: Dershowitz on Joining Trump Defense “I will not take a single penny of payment that I would keep”

Appearing on CNN, legal icon Alan Dershowitz revealed that he has not discussed payment yet for joining the Trump legal team, but will give any payment to charity if he is paid.

The Hill reports during an appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360,” the attorney said that the details of his payment arrangement haven’t “been discussed” yet, but added: “If I were to be paid, all the money would go to charity.”

“I will not take a single penny of payment that I would keep based on what I’m doing,” he said. “I’m doing this because I strongly believe in the Constitution. I strongly oppose the impeachment. I worry about the weaponization of impeachment and it could be used in other cases.”

“But I’m not part of the regular team that will be making strategic decisions and participating in questions about whether there should be witnesses or not,” Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor who also opposed former President Clinton’s impeachment, also clarified. “That’s going to be left to others.”

Dershowitz, who has filed opinion columns to The Hill as a contributor, also said he thinks Trump’s impeachment “would be unconstitutional” and warned of the “terrible precedent” he believes the move could set in the nation’s history during his television appearance.