VIDEO: Dem Rep. Argues Trump Should Be Impeached Even if Quid Pro Quo Never Took Place

Appearing on “This Week” with Martha Raddatz, Florida Democrat Rep. Demings argued President Trump should be impeached regardless of whether the “quid pro quo” was successful or not.

Demings argued Trump was “caught in the act” and thus should be held fully accountable.

WashingtonExaminer reports Florida Rep. Val Demings maintained that President Trump should be impeached even if the alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine never took place.

Demings, a Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, was asked during an interview on This Week whether it was relevant to the impeachment proceedings that Trump’s request for an investigation into Joe Biden never came to fruition. Host Martha Raddatz noted that no investigation into the Bidens ever happened and Ukraine received its military aid anyway, but Demings maintained that it was irrelevant.

“You’re going to make me go back to my law enforcement experience. I had an opportunity in 27 years to deal with a lot of people who attempted to rob a bank, attempted to burglarize a house, attempted to carjack an individual,” Demings said. “We didn’t say, ‘Well, since you weren’t successful, we caught you, you weren’t successful so let’s just let you go and forget it.”

Raddatz questioned whether a lesser punishment, such as censure, would be a more appropriate punishment compared to impeachment.

Demings said, “We have an obligation given to us by the Constitution. I know it’s one that the American people want us to uphold. And we’re going to do the work before us. The fact that the president got caught in the act does not relieve him of being held accountable for the wrongdoing that he has engaged.”