VIDEO: DA Announces Charges Against Officer Who Killed Rayshard Brooks

BREAKING: Fulton County, Ga., district attorney announces that former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, will face 11 total charges including felony murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

Per CBS News, Paul Howard, the district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, is announcing charges against the former police officer who fatally shot a black man and another officer who was at the scene in Atlanta last week. Howard said he has issued arrest warrants in the shooting of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks.

On Friday, June 12, two officers, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan, arrived at a Wendy’s drive-thru around 10:30 p.m. because Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle. Police said Brooks failed a sobriety test and struggled with police when they tried to cuff him.

Brooks wrestled a Taser away from an officer, ran from the officers, and at one point, aimed the Taser at police before Rolfe fired his weapon, authorities said.

Per CBS:

Fulton County District Attorney: “This will be the first time that we have asked that arrest warrants are issued in the case before an indictment.”

The Fulton County DA says no medical attention was applied to Rayshard Brooks for more than two minutes after he was shot.

One of the officers “actually kicked Mr. Brooks while he laid on the ground,” the DA said. Adding that another officer stood on Brooks’ shoulders.

Conservative commentator Mark Levin tweeted:

The Fulton County, GA DA is on national TV trying his case in public rather than a courtroom.  This is really troubling.