VIDEO: Cory Booker Says “I Need Help” to Stay in the Race

Appearing on “Face the Nation” Cory Booker appealed for donations and said he needed help in order to stay in the race.

John Dickerson:

Is your campaign facing a do-or-die moment in terms of getting on the debate stage?

Cory Booker:

It is facing one of those moments where — and people have responded to this before — that if you want me in this race, if you want my voice and my message, which is resonating, then I need help.

I need people to go to and contribute so that we can do what I see a lot of billionaires in the race now doing which is just running non-stop ads to boost their poll numbers.

I’m not taking corporate PAC money, I’m not taking a lot of — I’m relying on individual contributions and that’s what we’re going to need to keep going.


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