VIDEO: Collins Challenges Schiff to Testify Himself “And Take Every Question Asked of You”

Democrats pushed through a rules package for their impeachment probe of Trump on Halloween day, mostly by party lines.

The 232-196 vote included 2 Democrats voting with Republicans and no Republicans voting with Democrats.

Independent Justin Amash voted with Democrats.

Surrounded by fellow Democrats, House Intel Chair and Trump nemesis Adam Schiff claimed “We take no joy in having to move down this road and proceed with the impeachment inquiry, but neither do we shrink from it”.

MSN reports Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia challenged House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff to give witness testimony to the Judiciary Committee once he delivers a report summarizing his impeachment investigation.

“Come to the Judiciary Committee,” said Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee. “Be the first witness, and take every question asked of you.”

A Democratic aide involved in the inquiry told Yahoo News that Schiff may well testify.

“It’s possible, but no decision has been made,” the aide said.

Collins made his comments at the tail end of a press conference where a group of 40 or so Republicans gathered after the House of Representatives held a preliminary vote Thursday on impeaching President Trump that split along partisan lines.


After the Democrats’ impeachment resolution passed, Adam Schiff joined the “CBS Evening News,” and denied accusations by Republicans that they’re unfair.

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