VIDEO: Collins Accuses Dems of Trying to “Get” Trump Before He “Wins Again Next Year”

In a memorable moment during this morning’s Judiciary hearing debating the articles of impeachment, Rep. Doug Collins accused Democrats of trying to “get” Trump in order to prevent losing next year.

The American public can see the Democrats are on a 3-year vendetta to get the president they couldn’t beat, and they’re desperate to do it before @realDonaldTrump wins again next year.

In one segment of his articles of impeachment announcement speech, Schiff implied Trump cheated to win in 2016 by having “foreign help” as part of the rationale for not “waiting” before moving forward with impeachment.

Adam Schiff:

Now some would argue why don’t you just wait? Why don’t you just wait until you get these witnesses the White House refuses to produce. Why don’t you just wait until you get the documents the White House refuses to turn over and people should understand what that argument really means.

It has taken us 8 months to get a lower court ruling that Don McGahn has no absolute right to defy congress. 8 months. For one court decision. The argument why don’t you just wait amounts to this.

Why don’t you just let him cheat in one more election. Why not let him cheat just one more time? Why not let him have foreign help just one more time? That is what that argument amounts to.

In another highlight from this morning, Rep. Ratcliffe accused Democrats of building a fake-impeachment scheme” around an alleged demand.


Rep. Matt Gaetz argued Democrats are naming crimes in debate that they don’t have in their impeachment resolution because they can’t prove them and there are no underlying facts.


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