VIDEO: CNN’s John King Claims Sondland Has Guaranteed Trump’s Impeachment

While on a CNN panel with Jake Tapper and others, pundit John King discussed the implications from the testimony US Ambassador Sondland during the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

King claims Sondland’s testimony guarantees the House of Representatives will impeach President Trump.

Of course, to actually remove President Trump for office, every single Democrat Senator would have to vote for it along with 20 GOP Senators, a mammoth feat to achieve in today’s partisan political environment.

John King:

Well what Sondland did today is guarantee the House of Representatives is going to impeach the President of the United States.

If you had any doubt. If you had any doubt that the Democrats were going to blink in the last minute, that the Democrats were going to say because of this witness we’re not so sure, let’s leave it to the voters, forget about that.

They now have Gordon Sondland, the central figure saying everyone was in the loop and everyone knew this was what we were going and it came from the President and he told us to work through Rudy.

That’s all the Democrats need to go forward. 


According to the Prediction Markets of PredictIt, 78% of bets are on the side of President Trump being impeached in his first term.

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