VIDEO: CNN correspondent and crew arrested while reporting live on air in Minneapolis

CNN’s Omar Jimenez and his crew were arrested while reporting live in Minnesota.

Abby Phillip, also of CNN, tweeted:

Watching my friend and colleague being surrounded by police and arrested while doing his job live on tv…I just can’t. @OmarJimenez conducted himself with incredible professionalism in a truly terrifying situation.


Per Axios, CNN anchors said Jimenez and his crew were arrested for not moving after being told to by police, though the live footage prior to their arrests clearly shows Jimenez talking calmly with police and offering to move wherever necessary.

The exchange:

Jimenez can be heard telling law enforcement, “We can move back yo where you like…We are getting of your way. Just let us know, wherever you’d want us let us know. We were getting out of your way when you were advancing the intersection.”

A member of Jimenez’s crew can also be heard telling our police, “We are just doing our job.”

Jimenez has shared some stunning footage of the chaos in Minneapolis on his Twitter feed.