VIDEO: Buttigieg Claims Illegals are “in Many Ways…Subsidizing Everyone Else”

During a recent event in North Carolina speaking with progressive activist William Barber, rising 2020 Democrat Pete Buttigieg made the audacious claim that illegal immigrants are “subsidizing everyone else.”

William Barber:

Let me ask you a couple quick rapid fire. Do you think we need to also stop allowing forces to demonize “people who are trying to get their immigration status” and we start lifting up all the ways they benefit this county? The money, the social security, the tax they pay. Somewhere don’t we have to say, wait a minute..

Pete Buttigieg:

So yeah, the uncomfortable reality is that undocumented folks are, in many ways, like Social Security, subsidizing everybody else.


One Twitter commenter wrote:

That guy could have literally said anything and he would have agreed. Dems are confusing extreme factions on social media with consensus voter sentiment. They’re in for a rude awakening

Robby Starbuck replied “That’s the scary part. They’re caught in this weird mixture of desperate to be accepted by the far left and afraid of losing credibility with the media. Together they’ve created the perfect combo to make them agree to literally anything the left and media demand of them.”

Breitbart explains that Buttigieg’s comment has a kernel of truth; some illegal aliens pay into the Social Security fund and do not get the money back when they are older because they are here illegally. The unclaimed money is then given to retired Americans.

But Buttigieg’s dismissal of Americans’ value becomes more glaring as experts expose the growing costs of migration — both illegal and legal.

For example, many illegal aliens get legal status, so allowing them to draw from the Social Security fund. The naturalized immigrants typically get status via the federal government’s open-ended, slow-motion, and quiet Adjustment of Status amnesty. Their numbers will grow over the coming decades, so taking a chunk out of Social Security.

Also, federal payments to illegal aliens are rising, mainly because the federal government provides welfare for the poor children of illegal migrants.

Per SFGate, Pete Buttigieg found a receptive host on Sunday in a civil rights activist who has sought to continue the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s push for a racially diverse national campaign against poverty.

After attending services at the Rev. William Barber’s Greenleaf Christian Church, Buttigieg stayed for a discussion with the Poor People’s Campaign — begun by King shortly before he was assassinated in 1968. Barber, a pastor and former North Carolina NAACP president, revived the movement to unite a new generation of Americans of all races to combat economic inequality.

The visit with Barber’s racially diverse congregation held dual value for Buttigieg, illustrating his ability to tackle racial justice issues critically important to African-Americans and giving him a chance to portray his agenda as bigger than appealing to one specific voting bloc. He also hoped to introduce himself to black voters and lay out his plans for their community through their shared Christian faith and values.

“Part of what I’m trying to do is talk about these issues, including specific racial issues around voter suppression and systemic racism, in a way that helps everyone in the country understand why we all have a stake in dealing with it,” Buttigieg told reporters after the poverty discussion. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor added that he believes he is making progress with black voters, including those “who may yet not feel that they know me.”