VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen Calls Trump a “Tragedy for Democracy” and a “Terrible Chapter”

During a wide-ranging interview, Bruce Springsteen spoke with Gayle King about his feelings on President Trump.

Per Breitbart “It’s just frightening, you know? We’re living in a frightening time. The stewardship of the nation … has been thrown away to somebody who doesn’t have a clue as to what that means,” Bruce Springsteen told CBS’s Gayle King in response to a video showing a Trump “Keep America Great” stump speech, in which he said he “didn’t need little Bruce Springsteen” and other celebrities to beat Hillary Clinton.

“And unfortunately, we have somebody who I feel doesn’t have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an American,” the “Born in the U.S.A.” singer said.


Springsteen — who joined fellow rocker Jon Bon Jovi and Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on stage at an election-eve rally for Hillary Clinton — has never shied away from taking on Trump.

The Grammy-winner said Trump’s candidacy was a “tragedy for democracy.” He also went after Trump during his “Springsteen on Broadway” show last year, telling a New York City audience “we’re just going through a terrible chapter in the battle for the soul of our nation.”