VIDEO: BLM Mural in Illinois Painted Over to Say “All Lives Matter” Overnight

A Black Lives Matter mural in Oak Park was painted over to read “all lives matter.”

CBS 2’s Marissa Parra reports.


BLM Supporters were clearly angered and sounded off on Twitter.

Anthony V. Clark tweeted:

So in Oak Park, IL, some racist coward defaced Black Lives Matter Mural, to say All Lives Matter.

But is anyone really surprised?

For all pandering communities & business are engaging in, until we are ready to risk & sacrifice, to work to change policy & systems, this is it

Arlen Parsa tweeted:

Kids in the the Chicago suburb of Oak Park got official permission to create the first Black Lives Matter street mural in the state of Illinois.

Last night somebody vandalized it to read “ALL lives matter.”

Within hours it was fixed—and the scene of a block party. Resilience!

CBS News has released a video on why “All Lives Matter” is hurtful to BLM supporters.

Per CBS:

As Black Lives Matter posts have spread on social media, so have responses featuring the phrase, “all lives matter.” But prominent members of the Black community tell CBS News this popular rebuttal is not as harmless or inclusive as it seems.