VIDEO: Black Georgia Woman Say Trump is “Uplifting Black People” and Producing Results

Kaaryn Walker, a black Georgia woman interviewed by MSNBC, proudly explained why she supports Trump.

Kaaryn Walker:

“He’s doing wonderful with the economy. With criminal justice reform. He’s uplifting Black people, so when I look at that, that is what is important to me because his tweets it doesn’t add a dollar to my purse, it doesn’t give my son a job, it doesn’t help me purchase a home, it doesn’t get me out of debt. His policies do. So I have to look at what matters most is the policies that he produces and the results.”

The clip quickly went viral, and many responded to the video clip of Walker.

Hayden wrote “as I’ve always said, we didn’t elect @realDonaldTrump to be our spiritual advisor, we elected him to get s*%t done!! And that’s what he is doing!”

Wilhelm wrote “Every Dem and MSNBC’s WORST, nightmare.”

MSNBC be like….

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