VIDEO: Biden Points Finger at Reporter’s Face After Being Asked a Difficult Question

During an awkward exchange with Rachel Martin of NPR, Joe Biden became very defensive and pointed his finger at the reporter, while emphatically defending his behavior with an Iowa Voter he challenged to a push-up contest and called a “damn liar.”

Social media users were quick to point out the awkwardness of the exchange.

Why does he always point his finger? He did that to another woman who asked him a difficult question. He needs to hit the retirement home.

He literally called him “fat” and challenged him to a push-up contest too. Not sure how that keeps getting lost…

He got visibly frustrated, mocked his weight, and challenged him to a push up contest.

He’ll crumble in the general election vs Trump if one voter made him do that.

Really Joe? How do you defend the “look, fat” comment? You’re just encouraging him to be healthy because you care?

Not to mention the finger in the face .. Absolutely disrespectful to anyone…

pointing in her face will surely bring his point home.

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