VIDEO: Biden Mocked for Drawing Small Iowa Crowds “Tens of People Showed Up!”

Joe Biden may be leading in most 2020 national polls, but his Iowa campaign events are not creating impressive visuals in attendance, at least compared to the tens of thousands that pack Trump events in arenas.

The Hill shared a video of a recent Biden community event in Ames, Iowa.

The sparse attendance was immediately mocked – one Twitter user wrote “Look at that crowd! Tens of people showed up!”

Another Twitter user shared photos of another recent Biden Iowa even and wrote “Joe Biden’s event in Iowa today. Looks like less than 100 people. How is this happening again? No one will talk about Joe’s lackluster on the ground support.”

In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton regularly drew much smaller crowds than Donald Trump, a fact widely dismissed by the mainstream media because she had large leads in head to head polling

Clinton ultimately lost the 2016 election by a wide electoral margin despite winning the popular vote.


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