VIDEO: Biden Called Gov. Abbott’s Law Allowing Legal Guns in Churches “Irrational”

A church shooting in Texas today that was stopped by church members with guns could have been much worse if Texas Governor Abbott did not pass a law allowing legal guns in churches.

2020 candidate Joe Biden had called the law “totally irrational.” That law may have saved countless lives today.

Per USAToday, a gunman walked into a North Texas church and opened fire Sunday morning, killing one person before being fatally shot by parishioners, authorities said.

The “heroic actions” abruptly ended the shootout at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, about 10 miles west of Fort Worth, Police Chief J.P. Bevering said. He provided no information on the motive for the attack.

DailyWire reports Biden’s resurfaced remarks come as an attacker opened fire on a church congregation in Texas on Sunday, where he was immediately stopped by a good guy with a gun.

“Dealing with firearms, it is irrational, with all due respect to the governor of Texas, irrational what they are doing,” Biden told reporters on September 2. “On the very day you see a mass shooting … and we’re talking about loosening access to have guns, to be able to take them into places of worship, it’s just absolutely irrational. It’s totally irrational.”

Per MSN, Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement of condemnation for the “evil act of violence” at a place of worship.

“I am grateful for the church members who acted quickly to take down the shooter and help prevent further loss of life,” Abbott said. “Cecilia and I ask all Texans to join us in praying for the White Settlement community and for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.”

White Settlement is a city of about 17,000 people in Tarrant County. Mike Drivdahl, spokesman for the Fort Worth Fire Department, said his fire department was assisting city and county authorities in the investigation. Bomb-sniffing dogs were on the scene as a precaution, he said.

Drivdahl said he did not know how many people were attending the service when the shooting started.

“It’s a very tragic day whenever anyone in our community suffers,” he said. “It not only affects people who were here today, it affects first responders as well.”