VIDEO: Army-Navy Crowd Chants “USA! USA!” as Trump Waves from Stands

A rowdy and patriotic crowd at the annual Army-Navy football game broke into chants of “USA! USA!” as President Trump waved from his box seats.

President Trump arrived at his third to roars after signing executive order allowing military academy athletes to play professional sports before their post-academy service.

Per DailyCaller, “Good afternoon and being with, special guests, dignitaries, captains, please introduce yourselves,” the referee said to introduce the coin toss.

“We’re gathered here for the coin toss with great pride and honor to welcome our commander-in-chief, president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump,” he added, leading to cheers to break out from the crowd.

The referee then thanked Trump, saying, “Mr. President, thank you what you do, for all the good you do for our country.”

“Again, Mr. President, thank you for joining us. Please do us the honor,” the referee said, as Trump tossed the coin.

Trump also got a warm welcome at the Army vs. Navy game last year.