VIDEO: Arguments heard in Republican lawsuit against Whitmer

A Republican-led lawsuit against Michigan Governor Whitmer headed to court Friday.

Judge Cynthia Stephens heard arguments from lawyers for over an hour during a virtual hearing and reportedly wants to review the transcript before ruling.


WTVB reports the Michigan Court of Claims heard oral arguments Friday morning in the lawsuit filed by Republican leaders in the State Legislature challenging the governor’s emergency powers.

It’s a political battle that has led to hard feelings and shattered the spirit of cooperation in Lansing during the initial phases of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Judge Cynthia Stephens did not make an immediate ruling after hearing arguments from lawyers for both sides for over an hour during the virtual court hearing.

She asked the court reporter for a transcript by next Tuesday and indicated no matter what her decision will be, the case will eventually head to the Michigan Supreme Court.

The lawsuit claims Governor Whitmer violated the constitution by invoking a new state of emergency without legislative approval when an earlier declaration expired April 30.

Republican leaders want the new declaration declared null and void immediately. Whitmer cited a 1945 law which allows her to act in this matter without getting consent from legislators.

Stephens was appointed by Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm to the Court of Claims in 2008.

She went against Whitmer last October in a ruling that allowed vape shop owners to sell flavored products.

She also went against Republicans twice in 2018 when cases came before her.