VIDEO: AOC Officially Endorses Bernie at NYC Rally

Democrat media sensation Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez officially endorsed Bernie Sanders Saturday and spoke at his first campaign rally since his heart attack.


Bloomberg reports Bernie Sanders, weeks after a heart attack that threatened to derail his campaign, reset his presidential bid on Saturday with a raucous New York City rally and the endorsement of influential Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It was Sanders’s first campaign appearance since his Oct. 1 heart attack, after which he had two stents inserted into a blocked artery in a Las Vegas hospital. He took the stage clad in black to loud cheers and the strains of AC/DC’s “Back in Black.

Behind in the polls to Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden, the Vermont senator is looking to leverage the charismatic 30-year-old lawmaker, who has outsized influence with left-leading and younger voters. The two already have overlapping support, though.

Sanders told supporters he was ready for an “epic struggle” for the 2020 Democratic nomination and the White House, working in many elements of his typical stump speech focused on opposition to the “billionaire class and corporate elite.”

“We have some bad news for them,” Sanders said. “Things are going to change, and we’re going to have a government of working people and not the One Percent.”

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