VIDEO: Anthony Davis Points Out to Lebron His “Hair” is Actively Falling Out

Creating an instant viral moment, Lakers team-mate Anthony Davis had to inform Lebron James that his hair appeared to be actively falling out.

It’s unclear what was going on and whether it involved a hair piece, hair plugs, or real hair, but something was clearly not right as can be seen in the video.

LeBron has faced intense criticism after defending China in their Hong Kong dispute and voicing his opinion on the negatives of free speech. 

NBC reports during Saturday night’s game against the Utah Jazz, James’ hairline could be seen actively receding. In fact, a video of the game showed that teammate Anthony Davis was telling LeBron that his hair was actively falling out during the course of the contest.

I’m not sure what the big deal is here for LeBron. He seems to have a good enough head shape, and renderings people have done of him with the full-on Michael Jordan shaved look are pretty reasonable. He’s even got connected earlobes, which is something that helps bald dudes look a little bit better.

James is still trying to hang on to his hairline for dear life. Too bad his hairline isn’t doing the same.

Twitter users could not help but have some fun at Lebron’s expense.

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