VIDEO: Another Miss Universe Train Wreck, Best Costume “Winner” on Stage Didn’t Actually Win

After famously announcing the wrong winner to the 2015 Miss Universe contest, host Steve Harvey was yet again embroiled in a Miss Universe controversy, though this time it appears it may not have been his direct fault.

The organization showed a photo of Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados and declared her the winner of “best costume” when Steve Harvey said “This is it right here.”

He was then told by contestant Shweta Sekhon.

“It’s not Phillipines, it’s Malaysia.”

Earlier in the program, Harvey made a joke about his famous 2015 flub, saying:

I’m hosting again. Fifth time. Can you believe it? I can’t. Ya’ll never really did let go of that Miss Colombia thing…I survived it all. When you fall, get up. Colombia has gotten over that, too. They’ve forgiven me. Well, not all of them.  The cartel is still trippin’ a little bit. 


Miss Universe later DELETED a Tweet announcing Malaysia was voted Best National Costume and replaced it with a tweet announcing:

@IAmSteveHarvey had it right: Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados is the winner of the National Costume competition! Congratulations, Gazini.

Many on social media complained about the mix up.

Miss South Africa was the 2019 Miss Universe Winner.

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