VIDEO: Alyssa Milano Declares Congress Has to “Impeach the Motherf***er” in Vlog

Anti-Trump activist and actress Alyssa Milano posted a 5 minute video rant on her Twitter page, that ended with a call for Congress to “impeach the motherf***er” echoing Rashida Tlaib’s signature catch phrase.

Alyssa Milano:

So we’re in a real pickle. There is no other choice. I think the constitution is very clear and to protect the reputation and institutions of the United States of America, Congress has to impeach. They have to impeach the motherf***er. Sorry. Not Sorry.”

The phrase “impeach the motherf***er was made famous by “squad” member Rashida Tlaib.

Alyssa Milano has previously posted several emotional videos railing against President Trump including this one about the “humanitarian crisis at the border.”

Alyssa Milano has argued that Trump had to be elected for #MeToo to take place.

“With Donald Trump came a sudden fear, an urgent fear in our country that women were feeling, if not fear then rage. I think propelled the success of this collective power.”


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