Video Alleges to Show Illegals Using Children to Gain Entrance Into the U.S.

A shocking video may back up the Trump government claim that illegals are using kids to seek access across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Washington Times reported that the government warned federal judges in 2016 that their attempts to create a catch-and-release policy for illegal immigrant families would lead to children being “abducted” by migrants hoping to pose as families to take advantage.

The court brushed aside those worries and imposed catch-and-release anyway.

Two years later, children are indeed being kidnapped or borrowed by illegal immigrants trying to pose as families, according to Homeland Security numbers, which show the U.S. is on pace for more than 400 such attempts this year. That would be a staggering 900 percent increase over 2017’s total.

“The eye-popping increase in fraud and abuse shows that these smugglers know it’s easier to get released into America if they are part of a family and if they bring unaccompanied alien children,” said Katie Waldman, a Homeland Security spokeswoman. “These loopholes make a mockery of our nation’s laws, and Congress must act to close these legal loopholes and secure our borders.”

Abductions are one of the more startling aspects of the surge in border crossings, which is testing the Trump administration just as a surge tested President Obama in 2014.

In this video, a migrant man clutches a young girls arm in a not so fatherly manner.

Watch the video:

UPDATE – The photos and video used in the article were taken from the group, AZ Patriots and Jennifer Harrison with the group. You can view their page here.