VIDEO: Afghan family says 2 year old girl among innocents killed by U.S. Drone Strike Sunday

A Afghanistan family is speaking out and says 10 family members were killed in a US drone strike on Sunday.

“Why have they killed our family? Our children? They are so burned we cannot identify their bodies, their faces,” Emal Ahmadi pleaded.

Per the BBC:

Emal Ahmadi and relatives and friends have been combing through wreckage in Kabul, searching for the remains of 10 family members they say were killed in a US drone strike on Sunday.

The family told the BBC that six children were among the dead, including Emal’s two-year-old daughter Sumaya.

The US military says it is investigating reports of civilian casualties, but that the drone strike disrupted an imminent threat to Kabul airport from IS-K (Islamic State Khorasan Province), the Afghan branch of the Islamic State group.