Vernon Jones Slams Antifa “They don’t give a damn about black lives. They only care about DESTRUCTION.”

Rep. Vernon Jones, a Georgia lawmaker who is a Democrat who supports the re-election of President Trump tweeted Saturday:

I refuse to allow a bunch of ANTIFA affiliated thugs to come to my beloved city of Atlanta and burn it to the ground, under the guise of #BlackLivesMatter

They don’t give a damn about black lives. They only care about DESTRUCTION.

Jones released a video Friday and wrote:

What happened to #GeorgeFloyd was absolutely unconsiouabke and clear cut example of injustice.

But what is now happening on the streets of Minneapolis is not only unproductive, but a threat to the legacy and memory of George Floyd.

UPDATE: President Trump tweeted Sunday morning:

The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.

Per WashingtonExaminer, one day prior, Attorney General William Barr said it appears that “many places” across the country were seeing violent protests spurred by “anarchic” and “far-left extremist groups.” He added that agitators were using “antifa-like tactics” and that many of them were traveling from out of state to participate in the protests.

Andy Ngo, a reporter who was a victim himself of a brutal Antifa attack has been leading the charge in exposing the violent tactics of the group.