Vernon Jones “Four more years of Trump is what America needs. I don’t care if I’m a Democrat”

Sunday, Rep. Vernon Jones tweeted a video of his appearance on Fox and Friends.

Jones wrote:

“On Fox and Friends today, I made one thing clear: four more years of @realDonaldTrump is what America needs I don’t care if I’m a Democrat. The Democrat Party doesn’t own me. I’m not just leaving the plantation; I’m burning it down.”

Jones also tweeted:

I didn’t endorse @realDonaldTrump because it was politically easy. I did it because it was morally right.

Our country is more important than any political party.

Monday, Jones wrote:

As a lifelong Democrat and black man, it pains me to admit this.

But I’ve come to a realization: the Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn about us.

They’ve become more concerned about putting illegals first and Americans last.