Vernon Jones explains his party switch, says “I am proud to join the party of” Lincoln, Roosevelt and Trump

In a series of tweets Friday, Vernon Jones explained why he is leaving the Democrat party and becoming a Republican.

Jones tweeted:

THREAD: I refuse to remain silent. My name is Vernon Jones, I am an outgoing State Representative in Georgia, a lifelong Democrat and the newest member of the Republican Party. (1/9)

Now, let me make one thing clear—I haven’t changed. The Democrat Party has changed. It’s become a toxic combination of radical leftists and liberal elites (many in San Francisco and Hollywood) that have taken over my former Party. (2/9)

Grandstanding Democrats and well-paid talking heads on TV don’t seem to understand how many Americans feel left behind and ignored by their “leaders” in Washington. They’ve hijacked the civil rights movement for money and corrupt political gain. (3/9)

Instead of focusing on the real divisions dragging Americans down, we are fed a false narrative based on race-baiting, identity politics and widespread propaganda fed to the masses. (4/9)

Let’s take the incident at the Capitol Building Wednesday. We must oppose misguided, wanton violence. We must always defend the values that make America great and misguided violence isn’t the solution. (5/9)

The problem with the permanent Washington political class is that instead of digging into why so many Americans are frustrated, they’ve chosen to ridicule, condemn and misrepresent facts. It’s only going to increase the discontent and disdain so many Americans have for DC. (6/9)

Today’s Democrat Party embraces identity politics and victimhood. I refuse to judge a man or woman by their skin color and I refuse to accept victimhood as my destiny. (7/9)

Leaders of today’s Democrat Party are more interested in cozying up to the coastal liberal elites than they are interested in representing America’s hardworking men and women who want to provide for their families, make their communities better and live fulfilling lives. (8/9)

I am proud to be Republican. I am proud to join the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Donald Trump. It is the party that best represents the great spirit of the individual–the Republican Party. (9/9) #FeelTheVern 🇺🇲