Vernon Jones calls for making moving to Georgia to vote in Senate runoffs illegal

Trump supporter Rep. Vernon Jones tweeted Tuesday “Out of state liberals are planning to flood the state of Georgia in order to undermine the integrity of our election and vote in our upcoming Senate runoffs.”

He added “This practice should be made ILLEGAL and I’m calling on @GovKemp to call a special session to make it so.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, moving to the state temporarily with the intention just to vote may already be illegal.

A spokesman for the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, which oversees voter registrations, declined to comment on how quickly someone could establish legal residency in Georgia, but cited state law that it is a felony to vote in Georgia elections if you are not a legal resident or if you are residing in the state briefly with the intention just to vote and then move away.
[Emphasis added]

“These are sensitive issues, and election officials are going to pay attention to what is happening,” said Enrijeta Shino, a University of North Florida political science professor who has researched voting issues in Georgia. “People should be very careful about doing that.” [Emphasis added]

People moving to Georgia briefly can work on campaigns and canvass for candidates, but voting in the state without the intention of staying would be considered fraud, she warned. [Emphasis added]

Per Breitbart, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman told CNN that he hopes “everybody moves to Georgia in the next month or two, registers to vote, and votes for these two Democratic senators.”