USATF says transgender hurdler could be back in international events if she meets “conditions”

While transgender hurdler CeCe Telfer has been eliminated from being able to compete in the upcoming Olympic games, USA Track and Field  said Cece could still be eligible for future events.

USA Track and Field said it “strongly supports inclusivity and providing a clear path to participation in the sport for all, while also maintaining competitive fairness.”

The explained “following notification from World Athletics on June 17 that the conditions had not yet been met, USATF provided CeCe with the eligibility requirements and, along with World Athletics, the opportunity to demonstrate her eligibility so that she could compete at the US Olympic Team Trials. According to subsequent notification to CeCe from World Athletics on June 22, she has not been able to demonstrate her eligibility.”

“If CeCe meets the conditions for transgender athlete participation in the future, we wholeheartedly back her participation in international events as a member of Team USATF,” they added.

Telfer said in a blog posted on Women’s Health “I love what I’m doing and I’m getting to live my truth and live my authentic life. I believe that this is my way of being the change that I want to see in the world. And I live by that every single day.”