USA Today Confirms Dem New Orleans Mayor’s Order Allows Ban on Gun Sales

A USAToday fact check confirms Latoya Cantrell, the Democrat mayor of New Orleans issued an executive order that could ban gun sales.

From USAToday:

The claim: The mayor of New Orleans issued an executive order that could ban gun sales

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, an executive order issued by the New Orleans mayor would allow the banning and transportation of firearms.

Right-leaning news outlet Breitbart published on March 16 an article claiming the executive order issued by New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell in response to the coronavirus allows the city to ban the transportation and sale of firearms. New America, another conservative news outlet, cited Breitbart when reporting the same information.

The claim then spread further on Facebook and attracted the attention of Second Amendment advocates.

Exaggerated versions of the claim circulated on the platform, stating that Cantrell has already banned guns in New Orleans, using provisions related to the declaration of a state of emergency.

What the Cantrell’s executive order means

It is true that a line in the mayor’s executive order gives the city the ability to suspend the sale and transportation of guns if city officials deem it required to maintain public safety.

As of March 21, the city has not stopped the sale of firearms.

From page 4 of the executive order: “the Emergency Authority is hereby empowered, if necessary, to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transporting of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, and combustibles.”

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